Personal Training

Want a 100% customized science-based program that perfectly matches your needs?
Want to lose fats or gain muscles and enjoying your life by following an interesting and flexible diet?

 what I provide to you?

  • A 100% personalized meal plan based on your goal, schedule, and your favorite foods!
  • A variety for each meal with their calories and macros (carbohydrates, protein, and fats).
  •  Notes and tips which will help you to reach your goal in a short time.
  •  A 100% personalized workout plan (for the gym or for home) based on your goal and will include the number of sets, the number of reps, rest time between sets, videos that will show you the correct form for exercises, and some notes.
  • Supplements guide based on your goal.
  • 24/7 message support and I’ll always back you up in every possible way throughout the journey!
  • A weekly follow-up to update the plans according to any new variables.






Training Rates

$150 monthly

Online sessions

$250 monthly


What People Say About Me

“He is very responsive and has answered all my questions I have asked. I am excited to get started!”


“I had the pleasure to work with you on a personal, customised plan to achieve my goals of shredding. I have reviewed the plan and it seems to be workable, really customised and exciting. I am providing this feedback as I am supposed to. Thank you for your hard work. I am really satisfied and positively surprised of the quality and the amount of work you have put into this. So keep going man! Cannot wait to experience the results. Cheers”